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Radio Interview - Talk Radio 702 - South Africa


Last Sunday, Ray White interviewed me live on the 702 Talk Radio, in Johannesburg during the Breakfast Show.

Received great news


"Pula" (Legadema’s fledged cub) had three cubs.

Best Wishes for 2012 !!!


For the year to come
I wish you...
true friendship,
warm holidays,
a good health,
a bit of adventure,
but most of all
lots of love,
that all your
wishes may come true
in 2012.

Legadema and her tree month old cub


Begin December, she showed the guests a healthy, well-fed looking cub. Born in September.
Legadema's cub is still alive, everybody thought she was dead but all were wrong.

New pictures


I placed some new pictures on my website in the next galleries: Aardwolf, Bat-Eared Fox, Arty Farty and in the gallery Leopards.

New layout


I'm very happy to announce that I restyled my entire website. I would like to thank my good friend Marielle Gonzalez. She designed the new logo. There is also a new directory "ARTY FARTY".

New Galleries added


I organized my website with 2 new galleries:
Svalbard and Yellowstone.
In the near future my website will have a facelift.

New gallery


New on my website.
The making of gallery.

New cubs for Legadema


Legadema has new cubs but the sighting was closed because they were too young to view.

More news about the leopard Legadima


The leopard, Legadima, has been seen again regularly through August. She has been in the company of a male, so hopefully in a few months we could get to see a new cubs. We hope she will have more success bringing them up this time.

Legadima lost her last cubs


The sad news this month is that Legadima, our most viewed leopard, has lost her last remaining cub. She gave birth to three babies a few months ago. By the end of last month, there was only one left. We saw her with this cub once at the beginning of the month but that was the last time. We are not sure how the cubs died but the reason might lie with a new male in the area. He has been seen with Legadima a few times this month and has clearly displaced Mutuwana, the old territorial male. It is unclear how much, if any, infanticide occurs in leopard populations but it is a strange coincidence that the cubs have disappeared so soon after the new male's arrival.

The Legadima news letter


The female leopard Legadima's cubs are now almost three months old and still thriving. They are spending less time in their den and have begun following their mother to kills. We found Legadima and one cub feeding the other day. Worryingly, there were hyaenas nearby and we wondered if the second cub had not fallen victim to them. Luckily, we found the second youngster in another tree shortly thereafter.

Legadima and cubs news


Legadima's babies have been seen throughout the month as well. The sad news is that from the initial three leopard cubs, there are now only two. It seems that one has died. We do not know how or when, but it is a tough and difficult environment for a leopard cub to survive in. The two healthy cubs, however, are full of life, and have been seen playing together and with mum.

Best friend


Today, very imported and good news for me. I found my best friend again. After a long time, we found each other again and that is wonderful news for me. It's not all about photography. Sometimes you realise that some people are very special in your live. I hope that I never loose this person again.

Fantastic news from Botswana


The big news is that Legadima, our local leopard female, has had cubs again! Not one, not two, but three little leopards have been seen. They are about six weeks old, and are already playing with each other and mum outside the den. She moves the den site every now and then, making them not always easy to find, but a huge treat when you do. Of course, she has also been seen regularly, away from her cubs and on the prowl for a meal.

Good news from Botswana


Our famous movie star, Legadima the leopard, was seen during the first two weeks of February and she looked pregnant. As heavy as she seemed, she was as active as she always is. We saw her with an impala kill once, and checking out her next meal a few times. She disappeared for a few days, and the next time we saw her she didn't look pregnant. So we have a suspicion that she might have cubs somewhere. The guides are all competing fiercely to see who will be the first to confirm if she is in fact a proud mama.

Pula, Motawana and Blue Eyes have also been around lately, and are as beautiful and graceful as only leopards can be.

New pictures


I placed some new pictures on my website in the next galleries: lions, zebras, seals, and birds.



All the pictures are enlarged now. I hope that my website visitors enjoy this format.

Website still under construction


At this moment I am enlarging the size of my pictures so that you can enjoy them even more.
The directory "Lions" is already finished and the other directories will follow soon. I'll do my best to do this as soon as possible. Thanks for your comprehension.

Legadima, the leopard


I am very pleased to announce you that I received wonderful news from my good friends in Botswana. Legedema, my favourite leopard, has given birth to two cubs. They were born around the 10th of September 2009.

Legadima, the leopard


Sad news from my friends in Botswana, these new cubs were seen only briefly and then disappeared. Legadima was lactating for a few weeks and had the cubs so well hidden that it was impossible to find them. After she spent quite a few consecutive days in camp, we realised that they must have died.